Highland County Class Descriptions & Prices

Student Ages

Kids: Ages 6 – 12
Teens: Ages 13 – 17
Adults: Ages 18+



Clogging is an American dance form created in the Appalachian mountains by the area’s first settlers. While it started with Irish, Scottish, Dutch, German, and other settlers merging their dance forms together, Clogging has now grown to incorporate pointe, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and other styles of dance. In fact, it is known as the “melting pot of dances.”  
BEGINNER CLOGGING I is the first class level for new Cloggers. In this class, dancers will learn the basic steps and practices of Clogging as well as basic choreography and dance movement. Additionally, beginners will also be taught proper warm-up, stretching, and cool down techniques. After this class, dancers may be eligible to move to a higher-level class at the director’s discretion. $40 per month
BEGINNER CLOGGING II will build off of the Beginner Clogging I class. Dancers will start to move into advanced beginner steps and easy intermediate choreography and footwork. Instructors will continue to teach and encourage proper warm-up, stretching, and cool down techniques. Upon completion of this class, dancers my be eligible to move to a higher-level class at the director’s discretion. $40 per month
KIDS CLOGGING focuses on building upon the basic steps of clogging to incorporate higher-level beginner and easy intermediate footwork into choreography. Children are trained on proper execution of beginner to easy intermediate level steps and choreography including arm movements. Additionally, instruction touches on some other dance forms including jazz and hip hop as well as proper warm-up and cool-down techniques. $40 per month

INTRO TO ADVANCED CLOGGING breaks down basic advanced footwork, technique, steps, and choreography combinations. Students will learn steps, such as double doubles, toe pops, pull backs as well as be constructively critiqued on proper technique and sound. All instruction and choreography will be executed acapella to focus on development of sound and proper technique. $40 per month (Free for LSC Dancers)

LITTLE SWITZERLAND CLOGGERS SHOW REHEARSAL is a class spot reserved only for performing students of the Little Switzerland Cloggers. LSC members will run through the current show line-up and new script. LSC Dancers Only

INTERMEDIATE/EASY ADVANCED CLOGGING will focus on intermediate choreography that will build on intermediate-level steps to create fun, high-energy routines while also laying the foundation for advanced-level Clogging. $40 per month

ADVANCED CLOGGING introduces dancers to more elaborate, advanced choreography, arm, and body movement that is paired with music to create intricate routines. Dancers must be experienced Cloggers, have taken an Intro to Advanced class, and individually evaluated and approved by studio staff to participate in this class. $40 per month (Free for LSC Dancers)

RHYTHMIC ALLIANCE ROUTINE REHEARSAL is reserved for Rhythmic Alliance dancers only to practice, review, and perfect current RA routines. Any Sundance Studio dancers interested in competing with Rhythmic Alliance are encouraged to contact Dorothy for more details. Dancers do not have to be high-level, contemporary dancers to compete with Rhythmic Alliance. There are opportunities for sharp, high-energy dancers with exceptional stage presentation. Free for RA Dancers

ADULT INTERMEDIATE CLOGGING covers instruction on fun, high-energy intermediate to intermediate-plus level routines. This is a laid-back, low-stress fun class that encourages movement while still covering proper instruction of footwork, choreography, and technique. Teens also welcome. $40 per month


Elementary Movement

Before a dancer can master the techniques of any dance styles, they must develop a basic understanding of the potential in their own body. This class will introduce students to the building blocks of movement as well as the structure of a dance class through games and fun exercises. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of body awareness and creative motivation so our youngest dancers can later excel in more technical classes. $30 per month 


Combo Class & Dance Conditioning (Kids, Teens, and Adults)

In the course of this class, we’ll delve into the movement fundamentals of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz dance styles while strengthening our bodies through yoga and other movement disciplines. Each class will run for 45 minutes and consist of a warm-up, technique practices, choreography, and cool down/stretching. $40 per month 
BALLET: Gaining its popularity in the French courts of the 17th century, Ballet is the most specific of the techniques we will explore. The layout of a standard Ballet class is fairly regimented: Barre, Center, Adagio (slow), Allegro (Fast), Reverance (Dancer’s Bow). Though not in its standard order, students will become familiar with these classic sections and the basic Ballet positions, steps, and vocabulary.
MODERN/POST-MODERN: A huge cultural product of the early 20th century, Modern dance expanded upon the movement vocabulary of concert dance and theatre of the time. Later on, the corresponding Post-Modern movement broke even more “rules.” Typically an abstract and expressionist form, Modern dance demands the full potential of a dancer’s body and mind. While Ballet focuses on traditional steps and a light, ethereal connection to gravity, Modern explores methods of movement creation with a broader aesthetic possibility. In addition to learning about some of the great choreographers, we will study different improvisational and compositional styles.
JAZZ: A truly American amalgamation of Ballet and Modern Technique with the dances of the early African Diaspora, Jazz is a broad category of concert and social dance. From swing to tap to musical theatre dancing, Jazz is typically performative and flair-filled, making it extremely fun for both performer and audience. In many ways, Jazz balances the technical sharpness of Ballet with the creative possibilities of Modern, all the while, riffing on rhythmic patterns of African dance and music.
YOGA and other movement disciplines: For a dancer of any style, physical strength and flexibility are of utmost importance for safe practice and performance. With a concentration on functional alignment and dance physiology, we will use aspects of yoga, pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals, etc. to condition our bodies, as well as encouraging a sound body-mind connection.
DANCE CONDITIONING: The perfect class to get and keep your body in shape. This class is not only great for dancers but is beneficial to all athletes as it focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and coordination. We will draw from a variety of movement disciplines including yoga, meditation, dance techniques, and more to give you a full-body workout and help with any technical dance goals you may be working towards including increased extension and strengthening jumps. This class is also an excellent warm-up for the combination class that follows.  


Preschool Dance

Preschool dance : A first introduction to group movement in which parental participation is greatly encouraged. Through imagination games and interaction with other young movers, this class focuses on developing early body awareness and collaboration. Taught from the perspective that toddlers already posses great potential for creative movement, and even performance, outside of a specific dance technique. $30 per month



Yoga is an ancient practice that utilizes poses and breath practices to create a sense of unity between mind and body. Postures strengthen and stretch the muscles, while the flow between instills coordination and grace. This is an all-levels class, so students will be able to nurture and challenge themselves no matter what their level. Price: $12 per class, Punch cards soon to be available!